Sharing what we’ve discovered about ChatBots

As demands on our time grow, so has the emergence of innovative technology like the ‘ChatBot’ and automatic ordering systems.  We wanted to share what we’ve discovered about ChatBots as we talk all things new in IT.

“Alexa, open Dominos and place my Easy Order”. You might be wondering who Alexa is.  She’s the voice of Amazon Echo’s smart speaker. Think of her as your very own personal assistant. This clever little speaker allows you to order online from Amazon, create to-do lists, listen to music from Spotify and iTunes, order a taxi, receive news, sports and weather updates, control the heating of your house, find restaurants and so much more, all by voice command.

Providing stiff competition is Google Home.  Also, a personal assistant allowing you to enjoy music, manage everyday tasks and control smart devices, this nifty speaker has Google’s search engine behind it so you can ask for info on anything. It’ll also let you cast to Chromecast and launch and control YouTube or Netflix by saying “OK Google”. And if you’re feeling really lazy, it will also tell you of your up and coming calendar appointments, the fastest routes to work and even reply to any unread emails or texts!

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