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IT Support for Local Authorities

Here at Prism we pride ourselves on helping businesses large and small ensure everything runs smoothly with as little effort as possible.

We understand the importance of protecting sensitive information within your local authority, which is why we have a number of services and products on offer designed with security in mind.

Whether you’re looking for a data recovery service, ongoing IT support or help transferring important information to the cloud, we can help you utilise the most secure technology available.

By automating data back-ups and storing private local authority information in secure centres across the UK, we can protect you from a loss of data while also minimising the risk of hacking attempts.

Here at Prism, we can also provide you with the latest and best firewall and antivirus software. With our help you can achieve peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that all computers within your authority are protected.

To learn more about our IT services and support, please get in touch with the Prism team by calling us on 0345 121 7770.

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