Bespoke technology training

Businesses are under pressure to deliver more productivity, in less time, at a lower cost. This pressure can have a very negative impact on your teams, during a time when employee wellbeing and retention is also a high priority. 

Our Microsoft Office 365 training program will help your team to up-skill, unlock their productivity and enjoy a more rewarding experience in their work.

What will the training achieve?

Our approach to training your team is based on your individual needs, so this means the outcomes are always geared towards what you need. This ensures we deliver a much more focussed result to the standard ‘off-the-shelf’ training courses.

The course will ultimately increase your teams proficiency in Microsoft Office 365 and increase their productivity by; 

  • Unlocking more value from your Microsoft Office 365 licensing 
  • Streamlining tasks and processes with better use of Microsoft Applications
  • Ensure your team is working securely and to best practices
  • Enable better use of Microsoft apps when remote working

Why Prism?

Working with thousands of users across the UK means we understand your technology and training requirements in great detail. We know the challenges and pressures you are under and have been able to create this tailored package to suit your needs in 2022 and beyond.

  • We are a Microsoft-certified partner with over 20 years of experience in delivering increased productivity and protection.
  • We offer a completely bespoke program based on the findings from a free ‘needs assessment’
  • The ‘needs assessment’ will identify skill gaps and requirements and empower you to understand more about your teams strengths and weaknesses

Our training will ensure:

Your staff are using software and all the features it delivers in the best way possible
Your business will run more smoothly
Your employees can perform their jobs with greater competency
Your employees can serve your customers better
A more secure workforce and fewer mistakes

What to find out how to book a course to make your employees more productive?

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