Q2 Survey Results

We are really pleased to share our latest survey results scores, a testament to another quarter of dedicated service by our Onsite and Remote teams. Thank you to all our clients who kindly completed the survey and provided their feedback.

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Service Delivery Report Q4

Pleased to share our latest service report for Q4 2021.

Despite a year of constant change and evolving challenges, we were very proud to see some excellent service scores for both the remote and on-site teams.

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The Importance of Showing Support

Since its inception, Prism has had a strong ethos of support and a desire to donate our core abilities around IT support.

As a business that began with few resources, giving back in terms of support and guidance was extremely important to us.

The last year has been extremely difficult for many of us, and it’s also been a year in which we’ve seen the most tremendous acts of giving back and supporting one another.

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Introducing Prism Mobile

The days of mobile providers, traditional telecoms providers and your IT support being individual suppliers somewhat seems archaic in todays fast paced, security conscious and the ‘on demand’ business to business retail centric experience taking shape.  

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