Business Telecommunications

What is Business Telecommunications?

Business Telecommunications is the merging of your telecommunication system and IT. Using one company to provide your IT Support, Wireless Internet, Telephone services and Cloud Computing.

Prism can provide all the above services on a flexible level – If you only require certain aspects of the service we can tailor it to your needs. If in future you want to change your plan to add more services you can let us know.

Details on Connected Communications

Bringing your IT and telecoms systems together with one supplier has many benefits. Financially, it makes sense, with great cost savings to be realised. The average call savings made for one month covers the monthly cost of the lease, giving you all the benefits of a new system, with a limited increase in cost to your business.

Whether it’s repairing a traditional system or installing a new compatible system, both have great benefits in terms of efficiency and finances.

Working with our partners Avaya and LG, we can offer a new system on a lease purchase basis.

At Prism we have are variety of solutions to suit your business needs – Whether you are a Sole Trader or a Multinational Corporation our systems are fully scalable, and as your company grows your system will grow with you.


  • Connectivity – wireless, broadband
  • Telephone Systems (including VOIP and Hosted Solutions, Leased Lines and Private Networks)
  • Mobile Solutions – mobile office, mobile networks, mobile devices


IT and telephony are so closely linked today that if there is an issue, having one provider to call means that system management is easier and more seamless, helping to improve productivity and reliability. Our staff remotely fix issues 90% of the time and if a site visit is required we will send a technician out within 24 hours, UK Wide.

Business Telecommunications is the sharing of information over a distance – When you are unable to perform your business face to face you need to be able to be in contact with the relevant parties to ensure that your business is run smoothly. Making sure you can be contacted and contact clients when needed is very important and can be the difference between a happy client or not.

Prism provide Business Telecommunication to a number of areas around the country.


Business Telecommunications in Liverpool

Business Telecommunications in Birmingham

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