Introducing Prism Mobile

The days of mobile providers, traditional telecoms providers and your IT support being individual suppliers somewhat seems archaic in todays fast paced, security conscious and the ‘on demand’ business to business retail centric experience taking shape.  

So why are some businesses still procuring from single ‘specialist’ providers?

We analyse some of the reasons below and explain some of the myths behind them. 

They’ve been doing this for years – that’s great, but often we find that means some traditional businesses are simply not keeping up with the evolution of tech and need for joining up the dots. 

They offer great rates – the price-led decision by many often drives utility purchases.  The fact is nowadays joining up your tech isn’t a utility.  It is a necessity to keep up with the curve to allow you to serve your customer base and clients more efficiently. 

Here at Prism, you’ll already be aware we’ve been offering Outsourced technology services since 2001 – you may also know we evolved this in 2015 to offer VoIP services, all in house, done the Prism Way.  You won’t know however that we’ve taken that one step further. 

Our aim is to offer the Complete Turnkey Tech solution and bringing in our own mobile offering to do so. 


Our team is already renowned and recognised as an industry leader, backed up by Certification, Service awards and our unique client-first approach.  

With the minefield of BYOD, Security and the phone itself we are in a prime position to advise and guide you through your procurement decisions.  We’ll ensure you not just received the phone and a competitive tariff but also all the USPs around this including; 

    1. Managed billing – we don’t want you to overspend just as much as you don’t 
    2. Device Assurance  – just in case, which seems to happen more than we think..
    3. Support and service – backed up by our awards, your problem is now ours and we are your first point of call, just like for everything else. 

The world is changing so fast, it’s never been more important to bring things together.  

Speak to us today to find out how we can help you increase productivity, help you scale at ease and take the hassle out of getting your business tech right.