Keeping your computer secure and up to date with Windows Updates

Windows updates have been a part of the Windows operating systems since Windows 98 and has been used successfully to fix or improve security on all Windows operating systems. Traditionally Windows updates occur on the second and sometimes the fourth Tuesday of every month. Because of this, “Patch Tuesday” was a term coined by the IT industry as an unofficial term used to refer to when Microsoft would regularly release its security patches and updates. It also has the ability to update other pieces of software such as Microsoft Office or Visual Studio, and also any important system drivers your computer may use.

As security is a major concern to all businesses, allowing Windows Updates to run is quite important. Luckily, it is a very simple process to check that they are set to run automatically in Windows 7.

1) Press the Windows key on your keyboard and type into the search box “Windows Updates”.















2) Click on “Change settings” on the left side of the Windows updates panel.









3) In the middle of the next box, this is what you should see:





This is the correct option so that Windows can install any updates automatically. If you see anything different, then click the down arrow on the right of the circled dropdown box and select “Install updates automatically (recommended)”. You are free to change the day and time these updates can be installed to a time that best suits you. This will give these updates the best chance to run as they will not install or be updated if your computer is turned off.

For all Total Care and Total Care + clients we will review and install important Windows Updates during your regular Routine Health Check visits. Please feel free to contact us should you wish to receive any further information or guidance.

If there are any specific hints and tips you would like to see why not get in touch and let us know.

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