Cloud technology offers such a wide range of benefits to businesses of all sizes. It’s not hard to see why so many law firms across the UK are migrating over to it, in order to take full advantage of the opportunities it provides.

Here at Prism, we wanted to go through exactly how law firms can benefit from adopting cloud computing technologies. More law firms than ever are now embracing cloud software to attract millennial customers and employees. There are a range of benefits that your law firm can benefit from if you adopt cloud computing technologies.  Here are just a few ways to take advantage of the cloud’s power and use it to grow your productivity.

A cost-effective solution

Cost is a factor that goes into almost every decision a business makes, and reducing costs is always going to be a priority. Cloud computing allows you to reduce costs more than ever before, as there’s no need to invest large amounts of money purchasing and maintaining equipment.

No expensive components, such as backup drives, disks or other associated hardware are needed when it comes to using cloud technology. Everything from ongoing software updates and virus protection, to expensive network routing equipment, can be incorporated under the cloud system. Any downtime will be very rare with cloud computing, which further reduces any potential costs that would be spent fixing issues.

More advanced security

Of course, security is paramount in the legal industry, as firms will always be handling extremely sensitive data. Many law firms will use an in-house server to store data, under the general assumption that it’s always best to house any potential security risks internally. However, vulnerabilities will still exist, such as data thefts that occur internally.

With cloud computing, you’ll will be able to store any data in the cloud, and access it no matter what happens. Cloud computing offers many advanced security features that guarantee any data is securely stored and handled. Also, if something like a laptop gets lost, then any data can be remotely wiped to stop it falling into the wrong hands.

Superior scalability

No matter the size of the business, or what size of solution the business opts for at the outset, cloud technology can be scaled with ease. Different law firms will require different IT needs, from larger companies to smaller teams of lawyers. And cloud computing can be quickly and efficiently scaled up or down to meet the changing demands of the business.

The ease of scalability is one of the greatest benefits of cloud computing. Law firms will often need to make business alterations, perhaps by introducing new staff or new systems, and cloud technology can be tailored accordingly. Capacity can be increased without the need for investment in any physical infrastructure.

Far greater flexibility

Another big benefit that law firms can take advantage of using cloud computing, is the ability to work from anywhere, anytime, on practically any device. It won’t matter whether you’re working from home, your office, or even in the courtroom; you can access everything you need in the cloud.

Network downtime will have an enormous impact on any law firm in terms of cost and efficiency. This is what makes the flexibility of the cloud so beneficial as you’ll be able to access files and work remotely enjoying the same level of access with no loss of functionality. The ability to work remotely is becoming more and more appealing to forward-thinking firms who wish to maximise productivity.

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