Q2 Service Delivery Report

Exceeding expectations.
Our latest report on service delivery and how we have responded to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

If someone had asked you last year what would happen in 2020, I doubt anyone would have predicted the unprecedented scenes across the world.  For almost every person, business and household in the UK, COVID-19 has brought extreme challenges.

Recent reports show that the pandemic has accelerated the move to online and virtual by as much as five years.  Businesses have had to embrace communicating in a new way, as working from home became the new norm, and it looks like this is set to stay for a while as caution remains and social distancing sees less face to face interaction.

Yet, at the same time through its momentum, it has created new opportunities for companies in the IT sector to find solutions to problems. As an IT support company with a 20-year history, our experience has paid off and we have provided added value to the customer, which today is more important than ever.

During these tough times, Prism has risen to the challenge by being proactive and showing support to our clients. We have also found innovative ways to help clients create some sense of routine and interaction.  We have also focused on helping them keep data secure and provide technology to bridge the physical gap through digital engagement.

As a business we have tried to add value to our customers at this time and help provide a sense of certainty, focusing on what they can achieve as a business, rather than what they cannot do.  The demand for technology to help businesses provide a level of continuity to their clients has been high.  We’ve been working with them to deliver work from home solutions with the same high levels of productivity and protection to help them adapt to the new way of working. 

With so many regulations and restrictions changing daily, we have tried to provide clear and accurate information.  Our customers were patient while we too adapted to this fast-paced need for change.  Helping our customers achieve successful digital interaction and maintain a level of business delivery. Now it matters more than ever to deliver on our promises so that our customers have one less thing to worry about.

As well as providing the technology, we have also been guiding our customers to use technology that they did not have had pre-lockdown.  A key part of this was to enable customers to engage in accurate and convenient communications with their clients.  This is just one of the many significant ways we have supported our customers to maintain a level of business.   

“It says in The Prism Way, our company handbook, that ‘The fabric of the Prism business has always been to find solutions to problems’, and I have never seen this more evident than in these challenging times as we work to offer as much help and support as we can to our clients.”

Project Manager

For some customers, who were further along on their IT journey, we have just had to set up a virtual desktop.  But, for other customers, it has required a complete transition from off- to on-line, all-encompassing technology turnaround, such as video conferencing, mobile application, and security set up to work remotely safely.

Our Prism team has done an incredible job in supporting our customers as they embrace new technology to help them get up and running quickly.  Even in the busiest and most challenging time that we have witnessed in the 20 years we have been in business; the Prism team have not just delivered for our customers.  The team have gone above and beyond and achieved above target on every aspect of customer service including call resolution, remote support, and on-site service, where we have exceeded every average network score.

“I’ve been with Prism for nearly five years now. I’ve seen busy periods but nothing like the situation we currently find ourselves in. I like the fact that even in such challenging circumstances we are still able to deliver the solutions that enable our clients to continue to work and do business. I’ve been impressed and feel proud with the response we have had from all of our colleagues to pull together and help each other out.”

Lead Engineer – UK South

Brands that manage to visualize, communicate, and support their clients during COVID-19 will undoubtedly become trusted partners for clients in the long run. 

We like to think that Prism will be the brand that stood up and helped, and even when the going got tough; we provided a reliable support service that clients could not only count on, but we also managed to exceed their expectations.