Getting Quick Access

Having programs added to your taskbar enables you to get quick access without having to minimise documents and programs. This can save time when you access the applications or folders you regularly use.

At the Prism office we all use this feature heavily, which helps us switch between our remote access software, our client information or the service desk software.

Using this feature could help you open up Sage, Word, Outlook, Internet Explorer or Chrome in seconds instead of having to minimise what you have open and looking for shortcuts or searching through the start menu for the application you need.

Below are some simple steps to guide you on how to setup quick access.

1. Open a program you would like to pin to your taskbar.











2. Right click on the program icon. Select Pin this program to taskbar.








The program will now stay on your taskbar. If you wish to remove the program, doing the following steps:

1. Right click on the program icon in your taskbar









2. Select Unpin this program from taskbar