Business IT Support Leeds

Prisms offices are in Cheshire, less than two hours drive from the city of Leeds, as a business we have been providing IT Support to Leeds businesses for over 15 years.

Prisms IT support for businesses in Leeds is based on a bespoke service, we believe that IT support should be scalable and as your business grows so does your IT requirements.

Whatever you may think about IT support, think again. At Prism we are very unique in our sector, we don’t just offer you the run-of-the-mill, we aim a lot higher and constantly find ways to improve and enhance our services.


Our Business IT Support in Leeds includes:


  • UK based call centre provides peace of mind
  • During work hours you will have access to full technical support
  • fully trained team members will be able to assist you over the phone with the majority of any problems
  • regular updating of assets, devices and software
  • Regular review of your account to ensure you are getting covered for everything your business requires – we create bespoke IT Support solutions
  • Get money off on project work
  • Reduced downtime and increased productivity allowing users to focus on business requirements

If you are interested in our Business IT Support please get in touch.

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