There once was a time when traditional phone and email were the go-to tools in order to communicate with colleagues and customers. However, as technology has progressed, unified communications are becoming increasingly commonplace in offices - no matter which industry.

In short, unified communications offer businesses one system to manage multiple tools under one roof. For example, this one system will incorporate phone, video conferencing, instant messaging, voicemail, email, customer service and more.

From helping accountancy firms reduce costs to helping to boost productivity, unified communications have a wide range of benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the most common rewards.


Strengthen collaboration

By embracing unified communications you can make it easier for members of your team to collaborate with one another, allowing them to host meetings, discuss ideas and make decisions between them, no matter what their location. There’s no denying the importance and simplicity of email in the workplace, but sometimes it’s necessary to communicate via more collaborative tools. Speaking via video or simply having the ability to hear one another’s voices can make it easier to discuss projects and come to a solution quickly.


Resolve problems swiftly

Resolving problems via email can be difficult, particularly if there are many people involved in the conversation; multiple viewpoints need to be heard; or the issue is complicated and difficult to communicate via the written word.

With the help of unified communications you can improve your company’s ability to resolve problems quickly and effectively.


Attract and retain employees

There’s no denying that salary and pension schemes play an important role in staff retention. But there’s much more to it than that and talented employees are getting increasingly choosy when it comes to sticking with a certain company. Employees are increasingly demanding flexibility, freedom and trust. They also don’t want to feel restricted by technology constraints. With the help of unified communications, you can reduce the number of hoops a member of staff has to jump through, streamlining the process and offering each member of your team more mobility.


Increase productivity

By introducing unified communications to your company, you can often boost productivity by slashing the amount of time needed for employees to communicate with one another.

The amount of preparation and admin required for large meetings can be significantly reduced. If your clients are happy to talk via video call rather than face-to-face, you’ll also significantly slash travel time. With the help of strengthened security measures associated with unified communications, you can share important documents between team members and clients with the confidence that they won’t be seen by the wrong people.

Here at Prism we’ve spent years honing our unified communications service to come up with an interconnected system of technologies that can enhance accountancy firms’ ability to boost productivity and transform their way of working. To learn more about our services, please get in touch with our team.