Make Your Telecoms Fit for the Hybrid Workforce

In the era of agile working, business telecoms have attained a new level of importance. Here’s why an effective system can save time and money.

Communication is key to a successful business. If you have any customers, or more than one employee, you need a way for those people to speak to each other.

In the post-pandemic era, that technology is more crucial than ever. You may have colleagues working from home, from another office, or on the road. An up-to-date, efficient telecoms network can ensure that all aspects of the business can stay connected, wherever they are. As well as increasing productivity, it is also a significant recruitment tool in a changing workplace, where the demand for remote, hybrid and flexible working has never been higher.

Bringing IT and Telecoms Together

Good telecoms management is all about integration. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) replaces tired landline technology by bringing voice and video communication online. There is no need for traditional wiring, or contracts with local phone companies. Instead, a VoIP provider can take care of everything you need, improving security, enhancing call quality, and freeing you from having to be “in the office” to make or take calls. It’s also considerably cheaper, with worldwide calls costing a fraction of their landline price.

VoIP retains key functions, like voicemail and call-forwarding, but it’s easier to participate in conference calls, record conversations and enjoy video meetings – all the activities that are now so important in a collaborative workplace.

Links to the Customer

Another key integration is linking telecoms to your customer relationship management (CRM). By linking your digital customer database with your calling system, you can have all the necessary information you need to provide fantastic customer service, before you even pick up the phone.

An integrated CRM system will use the calling number to search for stored information about the customer. This makes it easier for your Sales or Customer Service team to offer assistance, without going through the tedium of re-gathering information and checking details. Previous customer interactions can be reviewed, appointments made and issues resolved, all whilst on the call. Contrast that with the old method of taking notes and calling back. The time saved will keep your customer happy and free up your team to take a greater number of calls.

What’s Right for My Business?

This is a broad overview of the benefits of an integrated telecoms system. To pinpoint the exact solution for your business, there are details to consider – like the size of your team, the number of lines needed, and the specific features you require.

To keep things simple, we’ve created a Telecoms Selector Tool. A short series of questions gathers the information we need to tell you what you need.

If you would like to explore the benefits of fully integrated telecoms, Prism can provide both advice and installation. Call 0345 121 7770 for a free consultation.