The days of relying solely on traditional phone and email communication are long gone. With technological advancements developing at a surprising rate, unified communications are being more widely embraced by offices within every industry.

Unified communications offer businesses multiple communication tools under one simplistic system. Typically, this includes phone, video conferencing, instant messaging, voicemail, email and customer service tools.

For those within the legal profession, unified communications have a wide range of benefits including:


Improve collaboration

Email has become an invaluable tool for communicating with other people without having to pick up a phone. But there are certainly times when a more in-depth conversation is needed and sending messages back and forth just won’t cut it.


With the help of unified communications, you can make collaboration within your team virtually effortless. Your employees will be able to host meetings, discuss ideas and make decisions together, even if they’re not in the same city – let alone the same room.


Resolve issues efficiently

When communicating via email, resolving complex issues can be challenging – especially when several people are taking part in the discussion; more than one person is needed to fix the problem; or the issue is difficult to diagnose in writing. Thankfully, with the help of unified communications, you can get to the bottom of complicated problems within less time.


Attract talented lawyers

After spending several years studying law and building up a wealth of experience within the industry, it’s no surprise that the most talented lawyers can find firms battling it out to win them over. Of course, salary and career opportunities tend to be the most important factors when a lawyer is considering which company to join, but when choosing between very similar companies, often the candidate will look at other aspects of the company’s culture and processes.


With so much at stake, talented lawyers don’t want to be at the mercy of bad technology. Outdated equipment and a slow internet connection are just a couple of issues that can make it harder for lawyers to do their jobs properly and keep their clients happy. Thankfully, with unified communications, you can increase the likelihood that you attract and retain employees looking to work in a flexible and forward-thinking company.


Here at Prism, our team has spent years developing a unified communications service that can enhance law firms’ ability to work more effectively. To find out how we can help you, please get in touch with our team.