Should you keep all your IT systems internally or should you invest in IT outsourcing? This is probably a question that’s entered your mind at some point. Whilst keeping everything inside your organisation might seem like the best way forward, it could be costing you more than it needs to and be putting excess stress on your team.

Investing in some form of outsourced IT support brings with it an abundance of important cost saving and productivity enhancing benefits. Some of which we’ve discussed here:

Access to the latest technology

Technology is expanding at a rate like we’ve never seen before. So it might be difficult both time and cost wise for one staff member, or even a small team to keep on top of the latest trends.

Outsourced IT support companies however make it their business to do just that. They also make sure their tech is updated constantly, implementing the latest and greatest hardware and software, which their clients can reap the full benefits from.

Reduced costs

Managing your company’s IT systems requires significant investment, usually in the form of an individual or team. And as you probably know, hiring, employing and regularly training a team can be incredibly expensive.

IT outsourcing helps reduce these costs and in some cases may even eliminate them completely. Which has the potential to reduce the costs you charge clients, further enhancing your competitive position in your industry.

Stay focused

As a business, your resources aren’t infinite and your workforce doesn’t have infinite time and availability. So complex IT issues that occur could add to an already hefty workload.

By outsourcing your IT services, from system updates to unexpected downtime, the managed provider can take care of everything for you. Which allows your team to give their full attention to and focus on core business tasks.

Strengthen security

The safety of the data your company holds will probably be one of its top priorities. With firewalls, anti-virus software and a myriad of other safety procedures to consider it can seem like a jungle knowing where to start.

With IT outsourcing, you can be safe in the knowledge that your data and IT systems are in reliable hands. Managed IT providers utilise their specialist knowledge to administer state of the art security systems and procedures which are updated regularly.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Prism, the IT support services we offer and the important benefits associated with outsourcing IT, get in touch with the team.