As an accountancy firm, the data you hold is everything. And managing your client data effectively and securely is a vital component of your firm’s success. That’s why ensuring you’re taking advantage of industry leading IT services has the ability to boost your performance significantly.

IT support for accountants is something we’ve specialised for many years now and it can take many forms. Some of which we’ve outlined, here:

Cyber Security

As mentioned previously, being an accountancy firm, handling sensitive client financial data is part of the day-to-day norm. So it’s imperative you ensure this data is kept safe, out of the wrong hands.

With our state of the art protection suite, every single component of your IT system is kept safe, giving you maximum protection from any potential cyber threats. Which leaves you to focus on your tasks at hand, your clients financial matters.

Cloud Computing 

In simple terms, cloud computing utilises a network of online servers to manage data, rather than the traditional method of local servers or personal drives. And investment in cloud computing technology has the potential to bring with an abundance of benefits.

For example, in an industry where you need round the clock access to information, gone are the days of having to be in the office 24/7 to access client data files.

With our cloud computing services, you can get access to all of your files, anywhere, at any time, whether you’re on the train or at home. Which not only helps reduce cost, but also empowers your employees to work smarter, quicker and more flexibly.

Disaster Recovery 

Another extremely important element of IT support for accountants is disaster recovery. The last thing you want as a team of accountants is having to constantly be scratching your head every time you experience a slow connection or a full outage.

With dedicated and virtual cloud servers designed to protect businesses from all kinds of IT emergencies and natural disasters. Our disaster recovery service helps keep your business running smoothly and staff working efficiently, with any data lost in a ‘disaster’ rescued in minutes.

Business Telecommunications 

As an accountancy firm, you’ll likely have multiple clients, with differing needs and agendas, all wanting to get in touch at various hours throughout the working day (and beyond!).

So ensuring you can seamlessly communicate with these clients is an integral part of maintaining relationships. And telecoms equipment allows you to do just that.

Our business telecoms service provides you with a hosted communications platform for your accountancy firm. Smoothly integrated with your IT system, it allows you to manage phone calls easily and effectively through an extensive range of fixed and mobile phone options.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of our services, or how you provide IT support for accountants, get in touch today.