Digital Transformation for SMEs

You want to utilise IT solutions that enhance productivity and are easy to implement, but where do you start?
There are a host of quick wins you can utilise for your SME to suit your requirements, each with a different purpose and benefit.
Let’s take a look at some of the best IT solutions to transform your SME.

Customer Relationship Management software (CRM)

A CRM system streamlines business processes and help to scale sales operations, which is why it is such a valuable asset for businesses.

A basic spreadsheet is fine during the early stages of a business, yet as your SME grows, you’ll need to adapt your processes to suit your growth.

Rather than trying to manually record and track all potential leads, you can use a CRM to store customer details, track customer outreach and also increase the number of leads and conversion rates.

Another benefit of implementing a solid CRM is team collaboration – with all information centralised, you have a fully collaborative sales pipeline that is easily accessible.

A great example of a commonly-used CRM is Dynamics 365 by Microsoft, which has multiple productivity integrations and has easy integration with other Office 365 applications.


Voice over IP has a plethora of benefits over traditional telecoms options for SMEs.

Using an IP address instead of a traditional phoneline setup means that VoIP has greater flexibility when it comes to features such as rerouting calls before they reach voicemail, displaying individual caller ID to users and the ability to place callers on hold and make transferring calls.

The best part for SMEs? VoIP can be integrated within any of your existing IT infrastructure, as long as you have sufficient bandwidth for multiple users, a good router for call quality, and a high speed internet connection.

The reason VoIP is so beneficial for SMEs is the flexibility it offers for companies working across multiple sites – VoIP calls can reduce international call costs as VoIP to VoIP calls are free.

Seamless telecoms are not just easier to manage, they are kinder to your pocket too.

We offer business telecoms that can seamlessly integrate with your IT system so that you can manage all phone calls easily and effectively.

Outsourcing IT

Many SMEs won’t have a dedicated IT expert or Director, meaning that most of the time spent on IT is time that could be better spent on other aspects of the business.

Outsourcing your IT has the benefit of lower costs than hiring an IT expert, whilst also providing onsite or remote engineers when needed.

Another benefit is peace of mind – all of your tech can be made secure, be backed up and managed by outsourcing your IT – all whilst increasing your productivity and freeing up your time for more pressing concerns.

Sometimes the most productive option an SME has for their IT is to outsource it, minimising stress, costs and barriers to productivity in the long-term.

Transforming your IT processes might not seem easy, but it can be when using the right IT solutions for your SME.

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