The millennium generation – what’s on their work wish list

The millennium generation aren’t looking for the ‘fun’ perks which were traditionally thought to be on their wish list.  Pick n mix stalls, video games and turning a blind eye to time on social media will no longer cut it.


Successful employers today need to deliver the following five millennial’s wishes to keep these employees’ long term.


Employee benefits

Employee benefits that fit their lifestyle and growing family needs.  Benefits such as pensions, private medical cover, unpaid holiday, flexible working are all benefits which meet their needs.


Feeling valued

Employees want to feel valued and looked after.  They need to know that they are not just an employee payroll number and that they have a value.  A well-being programme is a great way to demonstrate to employees that you really care about them.



Loyalty to their employer is paramount to a millennial and they expect the same in return. In a recent survey by the Capital Group, 67% of millennials say being loyal to their employer is important to them and their employers’ values should be similarly aligned.


Flexible working

Employees will give more when an employer is flexible around family commitments. This could be finishing earlier one day to see a school concert and working later another day to make the time up.  Flexible working is high up on their list of priorities.



The millennials are known as the ‘giving generation’.  The difference between millennials and previous generations gets wider when looking at Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) and how an employer considers those in need.  An employer who gives back to the community is way up there on the employee wish list.



Would you like to work for an employer who ticks these 5 items on the employee wish list?

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