Thank you letter from the charity Cornerstone

Thank you letter from the charity Cornerstone

Dear Kath, et al,

On behalf of Sister Lucy, and all at Cornerstone, a heartfelt thank you for your very generous donation of six Refurbished Computers.

By now you will know just how appreciative we are for them and especially the people who have access to them and use them for the more than necessary means to employment. Honestly the difference it has made, some of the men who would not deign to access a computer are now on the way to getting really adept at so doing. Miracles do happen and fortunately for us you did just that. Thank you.

Special thanks really must go to Mike Benson and Murray Smith who nominated Cornerstone for the Computers, we are more thankful.

It was nice to have met you, Kath and Mike, this morning, I trust you enjoyed the conducted tour of Cornerstone, with Angela.

May God bless you all and the great good that you do for others.

Sincerely in Christ

Sr. Maria.