Strong survey results confirm excellence in service delivery

Measuring performance is a tool we use to identify aspects of our service delivery where improvements can be made for our customers.  


We are pleased to share our 2018 survey results which show that on all five measures for on-site service, which included time keeping, customer satisfaction, expertise, professionalism and service we were above the network average. 


For service desk delivery the results were also pleasing.  We exceeded the network average for satisfying customers by resolving tasks and both the ability and professionalism of our engineers were also above the standard score for our industry. 


Our customer responses showed that we were above the network average by +6.43% overall for on-site and service desk delivery. *  


We believe that there is always room for improvement, but the survey confirms that we are continuing our record of excellence in on-site and service desk delivery. 




* The survey results comprised the opinions of over 935 Prism customers covering the period January to October 2018;