Prism's Gold Medal Service Continues throughout the London Olympics

After years of preparation, the London 2012 Olympics are finally upon us. While it was initially feared that the capital would be full to the brim due to the whole world turning up on our doorstep, fortunately this doesn’t seem to be the case in reality.

An extra 3 Million journeys a day have been estimated to be passing through London and Transport for London’s Games Transport Director, Mark Evers has said that “We’ve had a good start from a transport perspective but we’re certainly not complacent and we’ll work hard to make sure that we keep services running,”

Conversely, many London-based businesses such as Hotels, Theatres, Shops and Taxi firms are reporting that their business has seen a sharp decline, with many choosing to avoid the capital all together!

But how does this relate to IT I hear you ask?

Well, we’re happy to report that all of our usual services have been unaffected and are fully operational.

Call volumes have seen a slight increase, while broadband services have resiliently withstood any extra traffic that may have been caused by the influx of internet users. Hardware deliveries have also been punctual with all courier services still reporting successful consignments around the clock.

While we may not have encountered any hitches as of yet; should you encounter any unexpected IT related issues or even if it’s just an enquiry, no matter how big or small, we will always be here to help. You can reach us on 0845 121 7770.