Prism Product Review - The computer hardware dilemma....

Prism Product Review - The computer hardware dilemma....

In today’s technology driven world we find there are more and more alternatives available to the consumer, in this month’s review we discuss the laptop, desktop and all in one.

The Desktop

For the desk jockeys amongst us the desktop proves to be the cheapest solution, in comparison to that of the laptop or all-in-one, however in many circumstances the cost of adding the monitor brings this option within pounds of the laptops final price. The ability to swap the monitor does however give you a huge advantage as screen size can change with your requirements, unlike that of the laptop and all-in-one options.

With hundreds of desktop models available, don’t be drawn to the all singing and dancing options simply because there is a “must not miss” promotion. The reality is that either the machines are too powerful for your requirements or, the other end of the spectrum – they are not all singing and all dancing and are not actually fit for purpose.

If you are looking to purchase a desktop to run your business, we would always recommend reviewing the main manufacturers of business quality PCs, such as Dell and Lenovo.

The Laptop

For the busy person on the move the laptop is ideal, although we now have a generation of tablets that are in no way designed to give all the functionalities of a laptop. So if you are moving to using a tablet on the move, there is the argument to suggest that also having a desktop at home could be the way forward.

So what are some of the laptops disadvantages? Well screen size can cause a problem for some people, but there is always the option to dual screen (connecting an external monitor) when you are working in situ, not so good when you are on the move. A portable device requires a great deal of security to ensure that your business, client and sensitive data is secure from prying eyes. A major benefit to the laptop is that the specification already comes with hardware such as the wireless network card, giving the consumer the ability to connect wirelessly to the internet, although desktops can have this option, it is an option that comes at cost.

Choosing a laptop that is ideal for you should not be undertaken lightly and the purchase of any new hardware should be viewed as a medium term investment. In a market over run with brands, models and specifications seeking advice before you buy is key.

The All-in-One

As the market has become more competitive and overrun with options, manufacturers have turned to new innovative ways to increase sales. Many of the big players in the hardware market now offer an all-in-one alternative to the standard desktop.

The all-in-one offers a striking alternative to the standard desktop and boasts powerful specifications, including optional touch screen capabilities. Less trailing wires and space saving will also provide you with a much cleaner look for your office space. The obvious disadvantage in comparison to the laptop is that it is not portable and there is no option to dual screen. In comparison to the desktop I cannot find many disadvantages apart from the ability to change the screen size and the higher price tag.

For advice on any of the options mentioned, please give Prism a call today on 0845 121 7770.