Prism donation to help local charity scheme

Prism donation to help local charity scheme

Local Cheshire based charity Friends for Leisure (FFL) received a £254.00 donation from Prism Solutions this month. FFL arranges activities for disabled children and young people aged between 5 and 21. These include facilitating one-to-one friendships right through to group activities such as drama and sports sessions.


The donation will be used to support the new UP scheme which started in January this year, the new project is for a group of young people who are reaching the upper age limit of the FFL service.

There will be a number of evening sessions that will focus on topics and skills that will be useful to the group as they get older and start to become more independent.  At the end of the programme there will be a residential stay for one night, which it is hoped will give the young people the chance to have some independence away from home in a safe place surrounded by their friends, and be able to put the skills that have been learned throughout the project into practice.

The money was raised from a couple of internal events including; cash donations from the team to wear casual clothes, and a cake bake and sale event. The money was presented to FFL volunteers early this month

Gillian Jones of Friends for Leisure added;

“Friends for Leisure relies greatly on the generosity of our supporters who take part in fundraising activities throughout the year so thank you to Prism for the continued support and this kind donation”