Prism box, better than ever.

Prism box, better than ever.

Some products are a revolution and some an evolution.

We invented the box at a time of financial hardship for most SME’s coming out of the credit crunch, funds were scarce but there was a great start up scene as many people sought to set up businesses.  


The box had a number of things going for it, still does but in particular it allowed a sole trader business to get a business grade piece of hardware and all the necessary products and services (we have since come to call them the productivity and protection suite) needed to run a small business. The best bit for many though was the fact that this technology business solution could be acquired with no money up front, just a monthly payment of £99 +VAT with a commitment of only 18months in case the fledgling business failed. 


Prism took the risk with the financial outlay and backed high risk start-ups, so they could have a fully managed eco system with no capital outlay from the outset.  


Sounds good, but… we never saw the next opportunity coming. Many of our clients prospered and used prism box to grow their business, as recruitment, payroll and business overheads mounted our clients used the box as a credit line to ensure IT was consistent in their growing scale ups and their spend was kept to a minimum.  


The moral of the story  
  • BOX worked for start-ups and works for scales ups.  
  • The eco system we advised is still relevant as we evolve consistently.  
  • Most business want cash in the bank or for other areas of the business not for buying tech that depreciates very quickly.