Music streaming and borrowed times

For those audiophiles amongst you there is probably a format you hold dearly (generation dependent, maybe?).

We find this topic one of the most interesting in these times of tech consumerisation, on one hand we have a strong emotional connection to music yet we crave instant access. The last decade has seen us switch from holding CDs to downloading to now streaming music with vinyl sales on the increase.

It appears that we are prepared to pay something for access but a premium to own with the music industry and tech businesses challenging the traditional commercial models in the sector, indeed some of these appear to not even be profitable. Yet.

What does this show? Well there appears to be a similarity in the B2B world, as businesses seek to make use of new technology and formats knowing things move so quickly, access, flexibility and quick adoption with minimum capital expenditure remains the key driving force to change.

As quickly as our CD collections look dated as do our business systems, the only real difference is the lack of emotional attachment.