Keeping support seamless

Prism have introduced a new email address to help our clients keep their authorised contacts up to date. We appreciate and action feedback from clients and we have therefore taken on board that its not always convenient to pick up the phone to advise us of changes to employees, and that sometimes these basic admin tasks are dealt with out of hours.

Therefore has been introduced so in the event that you have:

  1. A new employee
  2. An employee has left
  3. Or a new employee has replaced an old employee

You can simply email us.

Our centralised helpdesk management software currently records all contacts that have been authorised to request support or services from Prism. In the event that an employee contacts Prism who is not recorded in our list of contacts then for security reasons Prism do not process their request. In this instance the site administrator or a key contact is required to email the address to add this user and before Prism will deliver service.

To ensure that support remains seamless and without delay for you, your business and employees please don’t hesitate to use the aforementioned email address to notify us of any changes now and in the future. If you would like to check your current list for accuracy please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager on 0845 121 7770.