Information for Lenovo PC users

“Superfish” is a piece of 3rd party software that was installed on some new Lenovo machines during 2014 and up to January 2015. The software raised a number of security issues which in turn generated a lot of media and speculation about Lenovo in the last few months. Consequently users of Lenovo machines have made enquiries regarding their devices.

Please be assured:

Machines supported by Prism are unlikely to have been affected

Machines supplied by Prism will almost certainly not be affected because:

  1. a) It was only installed on devices with Windows 8 software
  2. b) the models it applied to were not enterprise grade (i.e. not ones that Prism would normally supply)

Lenovo have responded to the problem, and subsequently withdrawn the software.

Please read the information in this link for further clarification: