Giving back – it’s good for your health

Mental health has once again been in the spotlight as stress takes its toll on society, occupying a staggering 165,000 NHS beds per annum.  Surely, it’s our duty as employers to do everything we can to ensure that our workforce is mentally well and fit for work?


The ACAS framework for mental health states that employers and employees should have a ‘shared goal of positive wellbeing and productive workplaces’.  This is something Prism strives to deliver for it’s employees through our office environment and our wellbeing programme.


Our offices are a state of the art space offering the latest facilities for employees with a bistro style eating area, training rooms, office space and lockers.  Solar powered and environmentally minded throughout, the building has shower facilities for those which to cycle.  Exercise has a fantastic impact on mental health so we aim to make it as easy as possible to be part of everyday life.  We also run pilates classes, exercise classes, physio and well-being checks; all employees get private medical cover, a well-being plan, a pension, death in service benefit and extra holiday for long service.


Feel good by doing good

According to research from the New Economics Foundation, there is a clear link between ‘giving back’ and the positive effect it has on mental health so CSR is an easy win for employers.


CSR simply demonstrates a company’s commitment to resolving or curbing social environmental issues and at PRISM we do this through our PETT scheme.  Our PETT (Prism Empowering Through Technology) scheme was designed to ensure long-term impact, with maximum benefit to both the donating client and charity. Whereas most companies set these disposal schemes up for monetary gain, our scheme was different, helping to redirect waste from landfill.  We take an old PC, refurbish it, relicense it and give it to a charity which reduces waste but also empowers the charities by giving them the technology and expertise they need free of charge.


Looking to the future

Looking to the future Prism are looking at mental health with the possibility of training key employees in mental health support, the same way that companies have first aiders, Prism will have key mental health workers.  Other initiatives in planning are providing the flu jab to those who would like it on site.  This brings benefits to the company and the employees  – less time out at the doctor.

It’s an all-round approach to employee wellbeing as Prism believes a happy, healthy workforce is better for everyone.


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