Eight Ways Windows 8 Will iImprove Your Interaction With Technology

Microsoft’s new software revolution is almost amongst us and in just under a month’s time Windows 8 will arrive on store shelves. Having worked with the new Operating System for some time now, we’re extremely excited about the new features that it brings to the table.

Here’s a list of what you can look forward to when Windows 8 arrives on October 26th: –

One stop for all of your files, documents and data thanks to SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud-based storage service which integrates seamlessly into Windows 8, allowing you to share data over numerous devices.

Two is the number of clicks it takes to reach any application, thanks to Metro. Microsoft has done away with the traditional “Start Bar” of the past in favour of a new interface which puts all of the things you’ll need to access in one place.

Three is the number of your devices that you’ll be running Windows 8 with. Windows 8 will not only be available PC’s but three devices with the inclusion of Smart Phones and Tablets for a unified system throughout your infrastructure. Not only this, but using a single account you’ll be able to store all of your favourites and preferences across these devices as well as your data using the aforementioned SkyDrive.

Four is Windows 8 will be available in four different versions on launch – Basic which contains features aimed solely for home users and provides all of the basic features that Windows 8 offers. Professional is targeted at business users and computer enthusiasts. It offers remote desktop software along with file encryption with BitLocker, virtual hard disk booting and more. Enterprise provides all the features of Professional but is aimed more at IT based organizations with Microsoft partners. RT or RunTime – will be the version running on tablets and touch screen based devices which will include a touch-optimized version of Windows complete with Microsoft Office software and device encryption.

Five is all of the Top five leading PC manufacturers have already made their support of Windows 8 clear. DELL, HP, Lenovo, Acer and Toshiba are all behind the new Operating System and have announced new range of hardware supporting Windows 8.

Six is the number of seconds it will take to get started and be ready to go! Windows 8 comes complete with new FastBoot technology allowing your machine to boot up in as fast as 6 seconds dependant on your hardware.

Seven – those that purchase Windows 7 in the run up to the launch of Windows 8 will be eligible for an upgrade to Windows 8 when it becomes available for a small fee.

Eight is a fitting finale, Windows 8 is the the eighth iteration of Windows and is shaping up to be the best to date. We’re thoroughly impressed with the software based on the time that we’ve spent with the pre-release build and incredibly excited for launch at the end of the month. For more information on Windows 8 or how the software affects your business, you can reach us on 0845 121 7770 to speak to your account manager or an engineer.