Easy wins for the pocket and the environment

With the start of a new financial year just past, it’s a good time to review some easy ways to make cost savings and you can help the environment too.

Silence is golden

Have you ever noticed how quiet it is when you’re at the office late and someone has switched off the printer or copier?  That noise is money.  Computers, printers and copiers represent a fifth of the office’s energy bill.  Switching off overnight and at weekends – that doesn’t mean putting them on standby you need to switch the power off – can reduce annual energy consumption by up to 75% according to the Carbon Trust.


See the light

The Energy Saving Trust say that by simply replacing a traditional light-bulb with a CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) can save around £70 per bulb over the bulb’s lifetime and LED bulbs can offer even greater savings.  Other simple cost saving measures include turning off lights when they’re not being used and fitting motion sensors or timers to dramatically reduce lighting costs.  (source: Energy Saving Trust)


Recycle and empower

If you have old IT equipment don’t pay to get it taken away.  Speak to Prism about our PETT Scheme (Prism Empowering Through Technology).  We take your unwanted laptops and PCs and refurbish them. We then give them to local charities that otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford the technology and empower them.  Find out more at http://www.prism.uk.com/our-charity-work/