Creating a strong password

Creating a Strong Easy to Remember P@55w0rd!

Passwords are a first line of defense for many online subscriptions and services along with our desktop computers, laptops and servers. They protect some of our most precious data so why wouldn’t you make passwords as strong and as complicated as possible?

Adding complexity, length and a regular change policy to your passwords helps to protect you and your data from malicious attacks.

Follow our top tips below to help create a strong easy to remember password.

1. Add complexity and length to your password by using three words or more (or at least 8 characters) and include all of the following types of characters:


lowercase letters

Symbols eg. !ӣ$%^&*()

Numbers eg. 123456789

2. Avoid common passwords or passwords that use information that could be easily obtained, for example:

Family member’s names

Birthday or Anniversary dates

Sports teams or place of birth

Number sequences eg. 12345

3. There are a few different methods to help remember long, strong passwords:

You could create an acronym from a memorable phrase, quote or a meaningful piece of information for example “My wife’s birthday is 28th February” could become Mwbi28/Feb1954! OR “Houston we have a problem” from the film Apollo 13 could be HwhapAp()ll013

You could relate your password to a subject that is important or special to you such as a favorite hobby or movie/music. For example “I like to play chess” could be IL1k32Pl4y(h355 or “I love the Rolling Stones” could be IL0v3Th3R()ll1ngSt0n3s

Perhaps use a story method, take a sentence or “story” and create your password from that, for example “The little girl went on a boat trip” could be Th3L1ttleGWOAB0@tT