Business IT Security

Business IT Security

Here at Prism we have always believed strongly that security is paramount to any business regardless of the size, type or structure. A recent investigation by the UK’s Information Commission’s Office (ICO) has highlighted some alarming statistics that only further reinforce the importance of this.

The report suggests that many users parting with their used hardware are unaware of the simple nature of recovering data previously stored on a machine. Second-hand hard disks were sourced from popular outlets such as and eBay, as well as local Computer Fairs.

Of the 200 hard drives collected, 48% (almost half!) contained traces of information, more concerning is the fact that 11% of the devices held personal information. At least 2 of these disks contained enough information to steal the previous owner’s identity.

Among the 34,000 files found there were scanned bank statements, passports, information on driving offences and medical details.

There is some respite from these staggering statistics however as all of the concerns highlighted above can be remedied by several simple means of data security, all of which are offered by Prism.

Our robust offering of security software and services includes top of the range Full Disk Encryption Software to secure all of the crucial data on your machine. Not only this but we also offer a secure data deletion and disposal service to ensure that none of your information is susceptible to data theft and is disposed of ethically once you decide to replace your hardware.

The security of your business is of utmost importance to us so please contact us today on 0845 121 7770 or visit our website to discuss your requirements. We can also be contacted should you have any disposal needs.

Source – Information Commissioner’s Office Website