A word about our headline sponsor, Prism

Excerpt from the FSB Awards.


‘Back in 2001, Prism was a two-man operation beginning from the MD’s back room.  Fast forward 15 years and Prism has their own specially designed state of the art offices with 50 employees and an enviable client list.  Today, with offices in London, Cheshire and Manchester Prism work with over 1,000 SMEs across the UK to understand their businesses and support them in a way which fits. This means that Prism can help companies make the most of their IT budgets by creating solutions to fit exact requirements.


As a company who has experienced growth, Prism understands both what you need as a start-up and as you grow. Prism’s unique subscription model provides you with full flexibility, which is a perfect fit as it can grow and decrease in line with your business needs. Whether it’s IT Support and Management, equipment disposal or a Telecommunications service, with Prism’s advice IT will be seamless and only impact positively on your business. Once you’re set up you won’t give IT a second thought.


Prism’s PETT (Prism Empowering Through Technology) initiative launched in 2013, helps charities to grow by donating PCs to them that they could otherwise not afford.  The first initiative of its kind in the industry, it brings PCs to charities- which would have otherwise been destined for landfill – so it’s a win for charities and for the environment.


Prism has also been described as ‘a blueprint for future business’ for their thriving mix of commercial success, the high value they place on employee wellbeing and their philanthropic attitude.  Committing to be a headline sponsor of the FSB Awards fits well with Prism’s approach to giving back to the communities in which they work and the team look forward to celebrating with all the other businesses on the night.’