A Cut Above

A Cut Above

Find out how you’ve been rating our service over the last few months.

Our excellence in customer service continues as survey results show outstanding feedback in almost all areas.

As part of our continual push for service improvement, we’re constantly offering all of our clients a chance to leave their feedback on our remote and on-site services. We use industry leading service delivery software to compare our customer survey responses to that of the rest of worldwide network.

The surveys, which are broken down into remote and on-site feedback, show some very encouraging results. The survey compares attributes of our service such as professionalism, timeliness and overall service against other IT Support companies around the world and you can find some examples of the results below –

5.00 is the maximum achievable score. Results are calculated as an average from tens of thousands of other businesses worldwide using the software developed by service delivery giant AutoTask.


General Remote IT Support Results


As you can see, it’s almost a clean sweep across the board, with outstanding results in all categories with only one small exception.

To address the small drop in rating of task resolutions, our service delivery team has been working tirelessly to address any concerns using this feedback. Measures have already been put in place to ensure that every ticket is resolved to our client’s full satisfaction as part of our constant service improvement program.

We do not take for granted the time that has been spent providing this information and we will always use any feedback or criticism to better the service that we offer; it can’t be emphasized enough how important your support is.

As we continue to assess and find ways to further improve our services we would encourage all of our valued clients to consider providing feedback using our new surveys that are currently in circulation. E-mail surveys are sent following all planned work carried out by Prism and while we understand that no single job is the same as another, we value all feedback regardless.