Supporting Nepal’s Children receives a PETT donation

Supporting Nepal’s Children receives a PETT donation of 10 laptops.

Supporting Nepal’s Children are dedicated to improving the life and choices of children in the remote villages of Nepal through the ongoing development of local, quality education.

Their plan is to re-equip schools in the remote areas, away from any recognised tourist trail, thus increasing the quality and availability of education, so that these young students can have a better chance to progress in life.

Supporting Nepal’s Children are a small group of volunteers whose hearts were captured by Nepal during a successful Everest Expedition in 2012. Ever since then, they have been looking for ways to help. In November 2019 a group of 15 volunteers will be visiting Nepal with the aim of rebuilding a school.

The donation will be used by the school to give students and teachers access to technology and will also be used within the local community.

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