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We offer comprehensive cyber security in Birmingham for SMEs, larger companies and businesses across a range of sectors.


Effective cyber security ensures your company’s systems and networks are protected from cyber criminals, safeguarding you from the consequences of their digital attacks.

Cyber security is extremely important and is something that all businesses should consider, regardless of their industry and their size. Cyber attacks can steal or delete important and sensitive data, leaving companies vulnerable and business processes at risk.

When it comes to cyber security, prevention is always better than cure and always delivers a better and more cost-effective outcome.

Different types of cyber security

When looking at cyber security companies in Birmingham you need to understand what type of cyber security your company will need. Here are some aspects of cyber security you should consider:

Network security

This protects internal networks from intruders by securing infrastructure with the implementation of things such as two-factor authentication and strong passwords.

Application security

This uses both software and hardware to defend against external threats and includes things like antivirus programs, firewalls and encryption.

Information security

This protects both physical and digital data from unauthorised access.

Cloud security

This protects and monitors your data in the cloud to help eliminate the risks associated with on-premises attacks.

Data loss prevention

This is a way of preventing the loss of data, and developing recovery policies in the event of a cyber security breach. Examples could be setting certain network permissions and policies for data storage.

End-user education

End-user education involves teaching users to follow best practices to reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

Looking for cyber security in Birmingham?

For complete peace of mind that you and your company are completely protected, choose Prism for your cyber security in Birmingham. Our cyber security services include cloud subscription based services, disaster recovery, file encryption and anti-virus protection. With us as your cyber security partner you can concentrate on the day-to-day operations of your business without worrying about something bad happening to your processes, data and information.

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