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Telecoms is the merging of IT and phone systems, something Prism have been providing to the Liverpool area for a long time. As a company we have over 4,000 end users and work with a huge range of businesses.


Prism have been saving Liverpool based businesses money with their Telecommunications offering and whether its amending a current system or installing your business a new system either way it will save you money .


We count Avaya and LG as our Telecommunication partners, these two companies are market leaders in this field and any new system can be offered on a lease purchase basis.

If you have an issue with either your IT or Telephony, it makes more sense to have just one provider so that that system management is easier. This is especially the case as today the two are so closely linked. Prism are well aware of the affect that not having either available can have devastating results to a business.


Prisms Business Telecommunications offering in Liverpool includes:


  • Mobile Solutions – mobile office, mobile networks, mobile devices
  • Connectivity – wireless, broadband
  • Telephone Systems (including VOIP and Hosted Solutions, Leased Lines and Private Networks)


Prism do not agree with a one size fits all solution to IT and this is the case when it comes to business telecommunications, so regardless of where your business is and what your growth curve looks like you will never have an issue with the Telecommunications.

If you are interested in our Business Telecommunications please get in touch.

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