For law firms, just like any business offering professional services, clients are the foundation. So it's imperative to provide an efficient and effective level of service to them on a daily basis. And a CRM system, along with a workforce fully trained in the facets of CRM, can be a key tool in doing just that.

Advantages of CRM Training

Utilising CRM technology has the potential to bring with it a plethora of important productivity boosting benefits. Here we’ve outlined some of the most prominent reasons to invest in CRM Training.

Improve your client relationships

How you manage relationships with your clients will likely define your firm’s success. A CRM system allows you to collect, store and access a vast range of information about your client base and every single interaction they have with your firm, their cases, history, needs, concerns, pretty much anything really.

So having quick access to this range of information allows you to take your client relationships to the next level. Delivering a personalised level of service that helps forge strong relations and long term revenue.

Improve team efficiency

Automatically stored information and correspondence allows anyone within the firm to find and view it in one accessible place. This not only improves speed and efficiency, but is of benefit for teams that are required to access the same information on a regular basis. The sharing of client data between different teams allows you to work more efficiently together and in doing so better optimise the client experience.

Being a law firm, different clients may have their own single point of contact handling their case. If that person happens to be away, someone else can access the information and pick up the query meaning the client doesn’t have to wait around for their usual contact to return.

Work from anywhere

Through the various applications available via a CRM system, whether it be online, offline or mobile, your employees have the ability to access information and data wherever they’re working from. With the legal industry being one that doesn’t ever go to sleep, clients may have questions or would like to get in touch with a member of the team morning, noon or night. So having this system in place with your staff fully trained in how to use it means they don’t need to wait until they’re back in the office to respond. Further enhancing client interactions with the firm.

Utilise digital Intelligence

CRM systems help create an all round more seamless process. Using the information and data stored, a CRM system has the ability to generate reports, predict clients behaviour and automate everyday processes. Saving your employees bundles of time, time that can be spent seeing to clients and their legal matters.

At Prism, we help organisations get the most from their customer and stakeholder management software (CRM). We work with you to understand your specific business needs pre implementation of your CRM. Then create a strategy to include the right level of training and consultancy for your business across each department. If you’d like some further info, get in touch with the team.