Gone are the days of having to get your work done in the office. With the introduction of cloud computing into the working world, it’s completely altered how we work today. Cloud-based services supply you with a seamless method of accessing any file or document whenever you have an internet connection.

Whilst the online network system is completely safe, just like any online-based platform, you can never be too safe when it comes to protecting your data and information. With this in mind, we wanted to take you through some tips to safely secure your data in the cloud:

Use a strong password 

Just like your password for anything else, you need to make sure the password to access cloud documents is one that’s impossible to guess or can’t be cracked. You should also change it frequently and not use the same one across different platforms.

Two-factor authentication

To go the extra mile, you could even enable two-step verification, meaning you have to go through two layers of security before you can access anything e.g. a password and input a code sent to your mobile phone. This gives you an extra level of safety for peace of mind you’re account won’t be accessed by anyone you don’t want to.

Use anti-virus software 

Whilst you’re perfectly safe using cloud technology in your business. It doesn’t hurt to have some form of antivirus software on your systems either. To help protect your systems from any unwanted bugs or viruses. It will also benefit other areas of your network that might be vulnerable too.

Controlling content access

As cloud software has developed, there have been a whole host of security innovations implemented along the way. These include folder permissions, file expiry dates and password-protected folders. These allow you to share your files with whoever you need to, with the peace of mind they need a password to enter or are restricted in their access of it.

If you’re keen to hear more about how cloud technology can benefit your business or its safety procedures. Get in touch today.