The Benefits of Digital Training for Business Productivity

Digital skills are a vital factor in efficiency, output and morale. Training your staff could be one of the most impactful business investments you can make. It’s an old adage: don’t just work hard; work smart. 

In times of high pressure, fast turnarounds and relentless competition, that statement is truer than ever. A modern business needs a workforce that is agile and up-to-speed when it comes to technology, especially in terms of digital teamwork.

With so many aspects of industry becoming digitised, fully training your team is a fundamental aspect of business preparedness and growth. There are plenty of obvious and immediate benefits to investing in the right training, and plenty of risks in ignoring the need.

1. It Saves Time & Money

In lean, demanding times, training can be too easily seen as an unnecessary cost – something to put off for next quarter, or next year. However, struggling on with an under-trained team is a false economy. 

Employees who are well-equipped with the right digital skills are more productive. They spend less time waiting on solutions. They troubleshoot as they go. Simply put, they work faster and spend more time focused on delivery. Technology training can impact all aspects of your business, as staff are better equipped to perform back-end tasks and able to respond more effectively to customer enquiries.

Equally, proficiency in one area can soon be transferred to the next. As your team gain confidence in their knowledge of core IT and digital systems, this increases the rate-of-learning when encountering new tools. The right training can revolutionise the way your whole team thinks about innovation, technology and solution-based thinking.

2. It Improves Morale & Teamwork

We all take satisfaction from growth and development; it’s the way we’re wired. Digital training can inject drive and enthusiasm into a stagnating workforce. You are enabling your team to do their work better, faster, and with less day-to-day frustrations. By providing the chance to learn new skills you are opening up the opportunity for career advancement and new directions. This investment in your team’s professional development can only help boost morale – in turn further enhancing productivity. It’s a win for you and a win for them.

At the same time, training is a great chance for members of the workforce to meet. By bringing together individuals from different parts of the business, with a shared goal, you create a space for new partnerships, new perspectives and a sense of community and cohesion. Digital training is a fantastic forum for this.

3. Consistency is Key

Take Microsoft Office 365. It’s an industry standard, a suite of tools that not only facilitates so many key tasks and processes – creativity, accounting, presentation, administration – but also streamlines teamwork and cross-pollination. 

Your workforce no doubt already has some familiarity with Office 365. But varying levels of competency can be a hindrance, fostering inconsistent performance, undermining security and getting in the way of genuinely collaborative working. It’s a great example of the need for consistent expertise across the board.

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