Supercharge Your Productivity in 2021

Technology has been changing rapidly in the last few years, as have many businesses – particularly in response to uncertainty. The latest technology is often avoided due to the confusion around how to implement it, even when businesses know that their teams can benefit from it.

Utilising new technology to propel your business could be essential, but how do you do it without it causing disruption and make it cost-effective?

Businesses will be facing multiple challenges in 2021, and the way they use the latest technology to boost their productivity and ability to collaborate could be one of those challenges.

How can you meet these tech challenges, all whilst supercharging your productivity?

Make your budget work for you

It might seem like an obvious point to make, but the best budgets are ones that work smarter for you.

The best way to avoid budget pitfalls is to find a service that has fixed monthly costs.

Nothing will run down your ability to work than realising you’ve been hit by additional charges later down the line, so make sure that when you choose tech packages, you do a bit of research to ensure they aren’t full of hidden costs.

Stay up to date

You don’t want to be spending money on something that will be redundant or unusable in a few years.

With Prism Pack, for example, we collect your existing devices, delete the data, recycle the device and deliver a new one to you – free of charge.

Making sure your technology and equipment are all up to date means you can maintain a high and consistent standard of working and avoid the headaches that come with out of date software.

Plus, newer devices usually mean better security and usability!

Scale it out

You want your entire team, or business, to be as productive as possible.

Changes are inevitable for technology-facing businesses, so ensuring that all of your team has support with any new software is essential for a smooth transition rather than a bumpy one.

If you can outsource your tech support, it’ll save a few hiccups later down the line for the learning curve and issues that often come up with IT infrastructure changes.

If not, just making sure that teams are kept up to date and informed of changes can make a huge difference in the success of implementing new technology in your business.


Consider bolt-ons

There are a lot of options out there for all-in-one tech solutions, but every business will have different needs, and therefore, having extra solutions bolted-on can give you a more tailored option.

Did you know, Prism Pack has a Productivity Kit bolt-on, which includes a docking station, protective cover, keyboard and pen?

We also offer extra services such as business-grade fibre-optic broadband, and fully featured telephone handsets with unlimited talk time – all dependent on your requirements.

We believe technology solutions should be as simple for you as possible.

If you’d like to add Prism Pack to your existing systems, add new users as you go or implement any of our solutions, we’re ready when you are.

Give us a call on 0345 121 7770 if you’d like to find out more.