Is A Slow Internet Connection Costing You Money?

Is a slow internet connection causing havoc for your company? Whether you suffer from snail-pace speeds or regular outages, internet issues can cost you a significant amount of time and money.

Decreased productivity

Slow internet connections cost the UK £11 billion each year in lost productivity. So it makes sense to act fast if your internet speed is impeding on your employees’ ability to do their jobs effectively.

Research suggests that on average, each employee loses 44 minutes a week due to poor internet speeds and connectivity issues, while seven percent say their internet stops working more than 10 times in a seven day period.

Dissatisfied customers

Whether you’re the founder of an online fashion retailer or the CEO of a recruitment agency, it can be difficult to hide a slow internet connection from your customers and clients. Poor internet speeds can delay the dispatch of customer orders, make you miss deadlines due to lagging tools, and prevent you responding to customer complaints promptly.

By investing in fast internet, you can ensure that your business runs as smoothly as possible and keep customers happy.

Repair costs

Although many businesses try to persevere through periods of slow internet, others often find themselves on the phone to their IT service provider begging for help. Constantly calling your IT support company can get frustrating after a while and if their attempts to fix your internet result in very little change, it may be worth switching to a different IT provider.

Instead of repeatedly fixing connectivity issues every time they occur, it makes sense to just get it right the first time. By investing in tools that actually work, you’ll save yourself time and money.

Here at Prism, we’re passionate about ensuring our clients have access to fast and reliable internet connection at all times. We know how disruptive poor internet speeds can be, so we use our extensive knowledge to offer a service you can trust.

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