How to Make 365 Your Best Employee

Spreadsheets are just the start. With a deeper understanding of what’s on offer, you can use M365 to turbo-charge your workplace.

Too few people understand the full capabilities of Microsoft 365. Most office workers have encountered Word and Excel and the pandemic made

Teams central to our day. The more adventurous may have delved into PowerPoint or Publisher. But beyond those core applications there is a whole constellation of tools that boost creativity, productivity and collaboration.

Creativity Made Better (and easier)

PowerPoint is just the beginning of M365’s presentation toolkit. If you are looking to exhibit your data more effectively, Visio is the answer. It allows users to create data visualisations of all kinds – from Venn diagrams to business matrices and network templates – then embed what you create into other types of Microsoft document.

Microsoft Sway elevates your presentation design. It’s an interactive canvas that priorities storytelling, making it easier to get your point, or your project, across with impact. With Sway you are free from pre-set templates. Everything is customisable, and you can simply drag-and-drop text, images or video straight into your storyline. Then share seamlessly with teammates, as Sway is fully-integrated with M365.

No-Hassle Organisation

With every update M365 chips away at the distractions and the disruption that plagues productivity. Focused Inbox intelligent software pre-sorts your emails into ‘Focused’ and ‘Other’, keeping the most essential communication clear of the clutter. Everything remains easily accessible, but with Focused Inbox engaged you’ll be able to keep your mind on the tasks that matter most.

Don’t get bogged down by terminology. Smart Lookup is a cross-platform tool that provides easy clarification when reading a document. Once the feature is engaged, a quick right click will give a full explanation and context for unfamiliar terms, with information sourced from multiple online sources, for accuracy. Think of it as your digital dictionary on-the-go.

Share and Share Alike

The post-Covid office is a whole new world. Hybrid and remote working means colleagues can be online anywhere and at any time. M365 is built to promote seamless teamwork with people both inside and outside the business.

Sharepoint is a great way to build community. This 3rd-party app allows a business to construct an effective intranet, without the need for professional developers. It’s a convenient way to store internal comms in a central location, eliminating the need for wasteful printing.

For a more casual style of catch-up, you can use Outlook Groups. It allows for the creation of a group chat space that can be highly effective in developing real-time collaboration. Outlook Groups provides each invited member with access to a shared inbox, project calendar and a document library – plus, it can be administered easily without IT getting involved.

This is a mere introduction to the full power of M365. There is plenty more to explore at our Technology and the Modern Workplace event. If you would like bespoke advice on how Microsoft 365 can improve your productivity, Prism offers training tailored to your business needs.

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