Improving Your Team’s Digital Knowledge

Using technology to help your business thrive is a priority, so it follows that making sure your team is clued up on key areas of digital knowledge is important as well.

In order to utilise the technology you have at your disposal to its full potential, having a team with a strong foundational digital knowledge is both essential and a competitive edge.

From collaborative tools to boost productivity, to cybersecurity and privacy, how can you improve your team’s digital knowledge?

Cybersecurity basics

One of the most integral parts of digital knowledge, cybersecurity is an area of significant importance for any team.

A key area to begin with is creating strong passwords. The general rule of thumb for passwords is that at least 8 characters with a number and special character is best.

Another area of importance is teaching your team about phishing scams.

Here are a few things your team can look out for to spot phishing scams:

  • Suspicious links – check to see if the web address matches the sender when hovering over a link, which may indicate a scam.
  • Requests for login details – any email requesting login information is usually an attempt to steal login credentials.
  • Spelling and grammatical mistakes – multiple errors in an email can indicate a lack of legitimacy.
  • Implied urgency – many phishing scams are designed to cause panic, so if you see an email that requires ‘immediate action’, flag the email, or ask a member of your IT department.

Once your team is clued in on the signs to look for, spotting out phishing scams can become second nature!

Collaboration tools

Particularly with so many teams still functioning through hybrid working models, collaborative tools can help to maintain productivity.

From shared calendars that make planning meetings a breeze, to cloud software that enables your team to collaborate from anywhere in real-time, you’ve got a host of options.

Most productivity tools have video tutorials and informative blog posts to walk you through features, so training up your team on how to utilise them should be a breeze.

Implement team meetings

Integrating new software and processes to your business isn’t going to be as streamlined as it could unless your team feels confident in their ability to use it and apply their digital knowledge.

Having meetings to discuss new tools will allow your team the opportunity to ask questions and see how things work in real-time, so that the uptake will be smoother and more efficient.

It’s also a great time to workshop any potential issues as they arise, or brainstorm new uses for the software!

Making these meetings regular can be a great way to set a strategy for continuous learning, too.

Making your team confident in their digital knowledge can go a long way for your business, but if you’d like more thorough support with your IT systems, let us help by calling 0345 121 7770.