How Our IT Support Can Help Lawyers

Whether you’re a conveyancing solicitor, an injury lawyer or you specialise in divorce law, technology will play an important role in the work that you do.

However, with clients to see, cases to investigate and legal developments to keep up with, it’s unlikely that you have time to mess around with technology at the first sign of a problem. Looking for help? Here are just a few ways our IT support services can help lawyers.


We’ll help you protect client data

One of the biggest challenges faced by law firms today relates to the storing of data. Thanks to the rise in the use of technology, the sheer volume of data available to lawyers has grown tremendously. Take those within the criminal defence sector, for example. With social media use and digital communication at an all time high, it’s necessary for such lawyers to collect texts, Whatsapp messages, Facebook messages, search history, images and countless other types of data.

This is just one example, but regardless of the type of law you operate in, you’re likely to have to store more data than you would have done 25 years ago. So whether you’re keeping a client’s financial details while drafting out their will or logging valuable evidence that supports a defendant’s case in the lead up to a criminal trial, you don’t need us to tell you how confidential your clients’ details are. If this information was to fall into the wrong hands, the consequences could be severe.

Thankfully, protecting your customers’ private details and all the work that you do doesn’t have to be a struggle. With the help of robust security solutions, you can store this data securely, keep it from falling into the wrong hands, and ensure you have backups in the event of data loss.


We’ll help you embrace the right tools for the job

If you haven’t already swapped piles of physical paperwork for electronically-stored data, doing so can save you endless office space while giving you and your colleagues the ability to access data from anywhere.

Here at Prism, we can help you make the switch and embrace management software designed especially for those who work within the legal sector.

We’ll also familiarise you and your team with the safest methods of communication along with the best tools for fast and efficient file sharing.


We’ll educate your team

We’ve spent years honing our craft and we’re constantly learning about the latest developments within the IT sector. Using this knowledge, we can educate your team so that you can keep client data safe, embrace industry-leading legal tools, and help clients whether they’re buying their first home or they’re looking to obtain compensation after an accident.


We’ll jump in at the first sign of a problem

With complex cases to take care of, the last thing you want is to be losing your temper with a slow internet connection or bashing your printer with a cricket bat after it messes up a job for the tenth time in a day. We’re just a phone call away and we’ll step in at the first sign of a problem, leaving you to focus on what you do best.

To learn more about how Prism can help lawyers, please get in touch with our team.