As an organisation that utilises IT hardware and software, at some point down the line, you might have considered outsourcing your IT. Or you might be thinking about it as an option as your business grows. Either way, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration to find the best outsourcing IT companies out there.

Here are some questions you should ask before you enter any agreement and outsource your IT to an external company:

If a problem should occur, how fast is your response time?

As you probably know, IT issues come in all shapes and sizes. So knowing exactly how to diagnose and fix these issues can be an extremely time-consuming task. Especially if you’ve got an abundance of other tasks piling up on your desk.

With the help of a specialist in outsourcing business IT, you can be safe in the knowledge that should any issues occur, they’ll be resolved both quickly and efficiently. But finding the one that can get you back up and running the quickest will be one of your key judgement metrics.

Is the service bespoke to my needs and requirements?

IT requirements are definitely not a one size fits all. You need to ensure you outsource your IT to a company that can offer a level of service that fits your needs and fill any gaps that need filling.

In addition, as your company grows, the level of service you require will probably grow too. So it’s always, always worth checking if the outsourcing company can accommodate your growth plans.

How is our data protected?

Security is of the utmost importance in any organisation. So checking the measures in place the outsourced company utilises to protect your files and data is imperative.

Before you sign the dotted line, you need to know how your data is being stored and protected. Especially if you’re a company that handles particularly sensitive information.

How are you different from the competition?

Whether it’s a certain area of expertise or the wealth of knowledge employed in the company. It’s always advisable to find out what makes a particular company different from the rest of the field.

If you’re after a certain speciality to fit your needs, here’s where you’ll find the best IT outsourcing companies for your business.

If you’re interested in learning more about outsourcing business IT, or even how here at Prism we can accommodate your outsourced IT needs, please get in touch with our team today.