Does Your Business Need a Cloud Based IT Infrastructure?

The words cloud computing are two that have cropped up increasingly in articles, on social media and in conversations you’ve probably had over the past few years. And it could be something you’ve thought about implementing into your own business. But is it something you need?

Put simply, cloud computing utilises a network of online servers to manage data, rather than the traditional method of local servers or personal drives.

Benefits of Cloud Based IT Infrastructure

It’s pretty easy to see why many companies are embracing a cloud based IT infrastructure. As it allows you to work smarter, quicker and more flexibly, offering a plethora of important efficiency and cost benefits. And here, we wanted to take you through a few of them:

Cost Savings

Whether it’s a small or large business, the traditional method of storing and managing company data requires investment in a magnitude of different hardware, as well as, having the storage space to accommodate it and paying a member of staff to manage it.

With a cloud based IT infrastructure, this investment can be significantly reduced or in some cases eliminated completely. In addition, downtime with cloud computing is something you rarely have to worry about, further reducing any costs spent fixing issues.

Ease of Access

One of the most prominent benefits of cloud computing is that no matter if you’re in the office, in the boardroom, or on the train, if you have an internet connection you can access the files you’re working on from anywhere at anytime, on any device, with no loss of functionality.

Super Security

In any business, security of your and your clients information & data is of the utmost importance. From lost laptops, to damaged servers, to security breaches, internally stored data can have it’s issues, especially if the data stored goes missing too.

With everything stored in the cloud with a cloud solutions company on the other hand, you can access your data no matter what happens. In fact, cloud technology has an abundance of security features to ensure data can be secured and handled safely.

It’s also worth mentioning that if something like a laptop does go missing, the sensitive information on it can be wiped from another device.

Automatic Updates

Like most businesses, you probably have tight deadlines to meet and clients to serve. And one of the most stressful parts of working with technology can be waiting for important updates which take up your productive time.

Cloud based applications allow for smaller updates to be done automatically. Which saves valuable time so you can crack on with the tasks at hand efficiently.

Here, we’ve listed a few of the benefits a cloud based IT infrastructure can bring. But this is just the beginning. If you’re interested in hearing more about how your business can benefit from cloud computing, get in touch today.