The manufacturing industry often has, quite literally, a lot of moving parts. And to keep things moving smoothly, technology and IT specifically, is an integral part of any manufacturing company.

If you rely on an in-house IT department, you may think that you’ve got everything covered, but in fact, outsourced manufacturing IT solutions can actually benefit your firm greatly.

The manufacturing environment is changing ever more rapidly and information technology is changing just as fast. With that in mind, manufacturing companies are facing increasing challenges to stay competitive and up to date.

Manufacturing companies often have multiple offices and work spaces that can be spread over either the same location or different sites, which makes the need to have a strong IT backbone and communications infrastructure so important.

Here at Prism, we help industrial and manufacturing clients by transforming their IT operations. We use emerging technologies of cloud computing, IoT and wireless connectivity to ensure robust and secure IT solutions for those in the manufacturing industry. And with our outsourced manufacturing IT solutions, you don’t have to worry about IT efficiency, reliability, and security.

Benefits of manufacturing IT support

Reduced IT costs

Money saving is one of the most appealing reasons businesses, in manufacturing and in other industries, work with an outsourced IT company. Outsourcing your IT needs is a more cost-effective solution because it works out cheaper than hiring a full-time internal IT team and it allows employers to convert unplanned IT expenses to fixed, predictable ones.

Improved customer service

When you employ an outsourced IT company you get a dedicated team working behind the scenes making sure everything stays operational which can massivel affect your customer service by reducing downtime and speeding up processes.

Added protection

Security is key in the manufacturing sector and there are any number of ways your IT network can be compromised. An external IT company can make sure your offsite server is secure, can provide security services, and can reassure your clients that any sensitive technical data will not be breached or lost.

Access new technology

Modern manufacturing companies have to keep up with the latest advances in technology. Outsourcing your IT gives you easy and cost-effective access to the latest technology so you can stay competitive.

Simplified compliance

Many manufacturing firms require secure technology so they can meet compliance and regulatory standards. Security risks and compliance issues can cost you dearly in legal liabilities, regulatory penalties, and more generally, your reputation. Employing an outsourced IT company can mitigate these risks and can keep you compliant as regulations change.

Increased scalability

No sector knows more about increased demand, seasonal fluctuations and scalability than manufacturing. As your manufacturing company grows, not only do your company needs change, but so do your IT needs. Using an outsourced IT company can provide the flexibility you need to change your products/services or add new ones when required.

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