Cyber Essentials – What Does it Mean, and Why Does it Matter?

In a digital world, data security is not just essential, it’s vital to running your business safely and securely.

Cyber Essentials can help you to guard your clients, giving them peace of mind that the key areas of your IT security are covered. We’re ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials plus certified, so we believe strongly in the client trust that accreditation can bring when ensuring the safety of their data.

What is Cyber Essentials?

A government-backed scheme, Cyber Essentials helps to protect organisations, from small to large, against the most common cyber attacks that businesses face. Though cyber attacks come in many shapes and sizes, a large majority are basic-level attacks that can be adequately prevented by Cyber Essentials.

Five key areas of IT security are covered by the scheme:

  • Internet and firewall
  • Password policies
  • Updating and patching
  • Device security
  • Application security

The benefit of becoming Cyber Essentials certified is the peace of mind you can provide your clients, whilst also showing them that your systems are secure, and that you regularly review your IT to approved standards.

Here are a few other reasons why becoming Cyber Essentials certified is so valuable:

It gives you a chance to review your internal security

Keeping on top of internal security can be a nightmare, and becoming certified means you can audit your internal IT policies, from updating your firewall to regularly changing passwords and keeping them strong and secure.

Most businesses rely on strong IT infrastructure, so updating regularly will ensure that when you rely on your internal security most, it will protect you and your clients, and keep your reputation in good standing with them. Additionally, there are the financial benefits of avoiding ransomware attacks, as the verified process ensures that all weaknesses are covered and members of staff actively take steps to prioritise cyber security.

It shows your commitment to cyber security

When you become Cyber Essentials certified, you can display a badge on your website to show all of your clients, customers, and partners, that you take your security seriously. For businesses that require personal information to be stored, this is beneficial in giving customers and clients proof that you are serious about protecting sensitive data.

It provides general protection to the most common threats

Being Cyber Essentials certified is a way to mitigate risks where possible, as much as possible. Many cyber attacks tend to pinpoint basic weaknesses in IT systems and software, which the scheme protects against. By providing businesses with a strong foundation to build their security upon, it reduces the risk of common threats considerably.

If you’re looking to become Cyber Essentials certified, we can help. We’ve been assisting businesses with their IT systems since 2001, and we can give you tailored, up to date support, without upfront fees.

Get in touch to talk to us about Cyber Essentials today so that we can help you achieve certification too!