Technology-facing businesses are facing a multitude of challenges and changes in the midst of the pandemic, including supporting staff who are working remotely and customers relying on online support, now more than ever.

With these challenges come rising costs that can be hard to control as we face further lockdown restrictions.

Cybersecurity risks are deemed likelier due to more people working remotely, technology is straining under the need to keep up with increased customer interaction and teams are in fragmented working situations that require adaptable communication solutions.

How can you control IT costs in such uncertain times?

Cloud computing
Rather than the days of physical servers that cost an arm and a leg, most businesses nowadays are moving over to some type of cloud software.

Unlike the constant upgrades every 3-5 months that physical servers brought, cloud servers offer access anytime, anywhere.

The excess upgrade-related costs aren’t applicable to cloud servers, making cloud storage/computing a far more affordable, efficient and accessible option.

Additionally, the security options for cloud computing are considerably more reliable, for the server and the data.

Utilise free apps and software
Software is expensive, and shopping around to find the best option to suit all of your needs can be a bit of a nightmare.

Whether you’re relying entirely on the free version of a software as an alternative to a pricier one, or using a free trial to determine if the price is worth it – free trials and free software are definitely worth a try.

This includes your marketing, too. Relying on internet-based adverts rather than traditional means will not only cut costs, but also be more relevant to a large percentage of the population who are spending more time than ever before on the internet.

You can find software to suit your everyday needs in the short term that is free, so it’s worth browsing your options.

It may seem counterproductive to suggest outsourcing, as many people will assume the costs will be far too high.

However, when we put it into perspective, it’s one of the best methods for cost cutting.

When you consider the technical skills needed, the additional technology sometimes required and the potential for mistakes that could cause more money to be spent later down the line – outsourcing seems to be the best option.

At Prism, we offer packaged solutions rather than ad-hoc expensive IT bills, offering an all-in-one solution for growing companies.

Not only do you receive direct access to Prism support at no extra cost, you will have optimum protection, cloud services, data back-up and state of the art hardware and applications.

At a fixed monthly cost rather than an unpredictable one, it’s a cost-saving option that covers all aspects of your tech needs!

Uncertainty can cause every business to take a look at what is essential to their business and what isn’t, and technology is at the forefront of most businesses’ priorities currently.

Ensuring you have the most cost-effective, ongoing support possible doesn’t have to be an uphill struggle – we’d be happy to help.

You can give us a call on 0345 121 7770 or look at our services here.